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Product Summary


HollowcoreCutOut Hollowcore is primarily used for floor and roof decks in a wide range of residential, commercial, educational multi-story buildings. This building application can accommodate long spans which in turn help with building design and flexibility. The continuous tubular voids that run the length of the product reduce weight and cost of transportation.

Hollowcore Advantages:

  • Manufactured to accommodate large openings for plumbing, electrical, HVAC.
  • Creates immediate working surface for other trades.
  • Hollowcore is compatible with steel, wood, masonry, and other precast products
  • Offers a 3 hour fire rating resulting in lower construction and insurance cost


WKU Parking Garage 2Double Tees

DeAM-Ron Double Tees are principally used in long span, large open space applications that require heavy load resistance such as parking structures, commercial and industrial roof and walls systems.

Double Tees Advantages:

•   Economical to manufacture resulting in low initial project cost.
•   Require virtually no maintenance
•   Offer a 4 hour fire rating.


Wall Panels

DeAM-RON’s precast walls are used for multiple types of commercial and industrial applications.IM000658.JPG Offering structural and architectural walls we can essentially meet any design requirement.

Precast Wall Advantages:

  • Thermally efficient
  • Mildew and rot resistant
  • Year-Round Construction



ColumnsBeams and Columns

Beams and columns are used in multiple building applications from parking structures to the structural foundation of multi-story buildings. Our precast systems create a flexible solution for any building design.


Precast stairs offer an efficient and durable solution for any building. They are compatible with precast, steel, block or multiple building applications. This product can greatly improve the construction schedule and offer beautiful long lasting building access.

Stadium Risers

Precast stadium risers offer a low maintenance aesthetically pleasing product with unmatched durability. Stadium Risers
With the ability to cast single, double, or triple risers we can meet any design requirement.


Box Culverts

These four sided structures can be made in a variety of sizes to fit virtually any application.